Our Ovens

At Hermann Heuft GmbH BACKOFENBAU, all individual components are produced by hand.

 This is how we know what our ovens have in them – and how it was produced. Individual requirements and custom-built products are no problem for us – they are second nature. And if something should break down in the oven after many years of use, all of the individual components can be repaired or exchanged professionally.

Our ovens: Environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and unique!

Our ovens:

Ovens for the home

Whether for the village community or private households:
Our ovens also come to you

Wood-burning ovens

The classic, made according to handed-down family tradition, but with a modern twist.

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Don’t worry about customers looking over your shoulder – hand-crafted multi-deck ovens for artisan bakers

A sound investment

Energy efficiency and durability have made our ovens loyal companions for generations.

Bell tuff has formed the basis of ovens from Bell for centuries. And not without reason, as its unique properties make it the ideal heat-storage system. And this still applies today:
You can heat up our ovens to 300°C once early in the morning – and the Bell tuff takes care of the rest. It stores the heat for so long that, over the course of the day, you can bake breads first of all and then increasingly fine baked goods afterwards. We’ve done the maths: Bell tuff uses up to 40% less energy.
Our Hetufin casting process means that these unique properties can still be used in today’s ovens as well. And a piece of craftsmanship lives on.

By the way, old craftsmanship has an additional advantage: lasting maintenance means an investment for life. This means that we can offer used ovens in good conscience. These have been fully overhauled and work as good as new again.

As good as new: Our used ovens:

*means: Our ovens are exceptionally durable.

And can therefore continue delivering excellent performance for a long time, even when they have been used before. All of our used ovens are built by us, fully overhauled, and then work just like a new oven.

We currently have the following used ovens to offer:

Wood-burning oven in steel casing


Verkauf im Kundenauftrag:

Holzbackofen im Stahlmantel, Baujahr 2021, Backfläche 0,60 x 1,70 m, d.h. Gesamtbackfläche 1,70 m², elektrische Dampfanlage, Einzelabnahme möglich, Ofen stehen noch montiert beim Kunden, verfügbar nach Rücksprache

Wood-burning oven in steel casing

Verkauf im Kundenauftrag:

2 Stück Holzbacköfen im Stahlmantel, Baujahr 2009, seit ca. 2020 außer Betrieb, Backfläche pro Etage 1,00 x 2,60 m, d.h. Backfläche pro Ofen 5,2 m², elektrische Dampfanlage, Einzelabnahme möglich, Öfen stehen noch montiert beim Kunden, verfügbar nach Rücksprache

RUSTIKAL – Electric stone oven


2 Etagen, Backfläche je Etage 1,5 x 1,0 m, 3 m², Spanferkelofen Baujahr 1998, nutzbare Herdhöhe der oberen Etage 295mm, Steuerung: analoge Zeigerthermostate, Umbau auf programmierbare, digitale Steuerungen der neuesten Generation möglich, der Ofen steht zerlegt im Lager Bell, verfügbar nach Rücksprache.

Jedes Teil ein Unikat

Every oven is one of a kind