The Company

Cutting-edge technology from tradition.

Hermann Heuft GmbH Backofenbau is active throughout Europe. Across Germany, more than 500 bakeries put their trust in us. Bakeries using natural stone ovens from Heuft can also be found in Sweden, Estonia and Romania.

Every oven is a custom-built product, specifically matched to the needs of the bakery in question. Even after we have built the oven, we give our customers personalised support: our maintenance staff offer you 24-hour service.

We are proud that we, as one of Germany’s smallest oven manufacturers, produce all of our products entirely ourselves. This is just one of a multitude of reasons why our natural stone ovens are so unique!

An oven just before completion

We speak “Lebber Talp”.*


“Lebber Talp”, the traditional secret language of the oven builders from Bell, is a muddled up form of German. The letters at the back are moved to the front, and individual syllables are spoken backwards.

BELL becomes LEB, PLATT (the name of the dialect spoken in Bell) becomes TALP, and the German word for oven, OFEN, becomes NEFO. An “s” at the end makes the plural, and easy as that we’ve made lots of NEFOS. Longer words are broken up into their syllables, each of which are turned back to front – so the German word BACKOFEN (which also means oven) becomes KABNEFO, HOLZBACKOFEN (wood-burning oven) becomes ZLOHKABNEFO. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? But, it’s proven successful over centuries! And the Heuft family can still speak this secret language today.

So you can spin it and turn it around any way you like: the best ovens are simply built in Bell!

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